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CSTS 2013 Results are in!! 

Stay tuned for details about the 2014 event!!

· The math is done and we raised $1210.00 for charity this year. In addition Atlantis Games and Comics donated $150 directly to Samaritan House and you all generously donated $85 in loose bills to them as well. Thank you to the Tidewater Alliance, the 501st, The Klingons ( Qa' Pla!!) and the Mandos for coming out with costumes for the kiddies. We're glad everyone had fun.


· Danny Warren at Danny's Event Photography was gracious enough to do our photography this year!!


Here are the pictures he took of last years event!


             If you have any pictures that you would like displayed here on this website, please email them to ashpage11@gmail.com =)


Past News: 

Thank you for making the Third annual CSTS event a HUGE success!!!

Are you ready for the FOURTH ANNUAL CSTS?! IT’S HERE!

As always we’ll be screening Serenity and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog (why else would you come?!)

AND... GUESS WHAT!?!?...


Annnd…. introducing… one of the stars from Virginia Beach Funny Bone’s Geek’s Night of Comedysci-fi comedian... 

James Rodatus!!! (YAY!)


Here’s the shiny details…

· What:  Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Mikey Mason, James Rodatus, Vendors and much more — all for charity!!

· When: 12-4pm, Saturday, April 20, 2013 (doors open at 11:30am)

· Where: Naro Cinema, 1507 Colley Ave  Norfolk, VA 23517 (757) 625-6276   Free and legal parking at Blair Middle School on Spotswood Ave one block away.

· How much: $10 at the door (all proceeds and donations are going to Samaritan House and Equality now)

· Be sure to stop by our Facebook Page to let us know you’re coming!


Don’t forget to dress as your favorite sci-fi character!

And good news, the Naro has changed their minds about not allowing fake weaponry so bring on your light-sabors and Veras!

(They have NOT, however, changed their minds about REAL weapons, so please, LEAVE THOSE AT HOME!!)


Messages from our very own, Captain Dave (the new CSTS GLOBAL DIRECTOR!!):

I don't know if many of you visit www.cantstoptheserenity.com and see all the events like ours around the world. You can also see how much each event contributes. Norfolk does middling well although we have higher attendance than most. This is because we don't charge very much, don't seek outside sponsors and don't have fund-raisers within a fundraiser like silent auctions. That's just how we are. We can auction off stuff or we can listen to Mikey Mason. I vote for Mikey. So the only way to increase our charitable contribution is to increase attendance. Please bring your friends, heck, bring your enemies and casual acquaintances. You can even bring that guy who smells like poo. We can all be heroes in our own way.

If you don't mind, please share this event with your geek pals. Also, we changed the date to April for several reasons. We wanted to make it easier for the Peninsula folks to make it down without fighting the Outer Banks weekend traffic, there are fewer competing festivals and most of all we'd like to attract all the college students before they left. So if you know a student at the local colleges and universities please let them know about our show.


And now… for your listening pleasure…

the Sending A Wave Podcast interview with our very own Captiain Dave, who is now the NEW CSTS GLOBAL DIRECTOR!! GO DAVE!!! =)


Check out the Calendar to see other great events that we are involved with!


Thanks to Bill Powers at Focus Point Photography for the awesome shots of last years CSTS event! Feel free to contact him if you would like prints of any of his photos!

If you are pictured in any of these shots and do not wish to be famous, just email me and I’ll remove it. =)